Thursday, March 13, 2014

E-course on full ordination for women in Buddhist monastic orders

For anyone interested in the efforts now underway to give women the opportunity to receive full ordination in Buddhist monastic orders, this e-course on bhikshuni ordination from University of Hamburg is open to all and should provide a really thorough education on this issue. The course provides a wonderful opportunity to explore this complex issue from various angles, internationally as well as in the Tibetan tradition.  The course starts in April 2014 and registration is now open. One of our nuns (Damcho) is giving the lecture on the formation of bhikshunis as presented in the narratives of the vinaya followed in the Tibetan tradition: the Mūlasarvāstivāda.

Please do share this link with anyone you feel might be interested - it is rare for universities to offer such opportunities to the general public, and practitioners within any given Buddhist tradition are too seldom exposed to the history or educated fully in the concerns of other Buddhist traditions. 


  1. dear damchoe la, this is isabelle trying to get in contact with you. happy memories of our weeks together in jerusalem and our last meeting close to HH Karmapa in october. i can't find a working e-dress for you! do please send me a line if you can. do you have my email? best wishes ever.

  2. This era has become the age of internet technology. I think providing e-course on the full ordination can inspire many women in the world who are trying to get ordained in the order of nuns to learn more about Buddhism and importance of Three jewels.